Please ingore this, because this is just some pointless text scrolling across the screen, so pointless scrolling text is fun and pointless, dont you think, or do I have to point this thing out to you?

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Hello is this thing on *taps on microphone a few times (just to point out when I use one of these *, then it means I am going to do a pointless action, just so you get the point about the pointless actions, anyway now time to get to the real pointless stuff and in word this would be on the first page, just to point that out to you, but you will get tired of me pointing stuff out to you) Can I ask someone to go though this and count how many different words I have used in this site, because I do believe that words like point and pointless and other words with point in it take over all the unique words, mahaha Oh yea, I have updated my pointless site, if you have been here before pointless mcpointless dude, you will notice some changes to my pointless site so please let me know if you like the pointless changes, and if you tried to email me, I pointlessly forgot to check my pointless email for a while, and like I got a new pointless chat, which you can go here

Can anyone hear me in this pointless place *taps on it a few more times, it works, but he taps it a few pointless times, then pointlessly hits it over the pointless wall
oh yea and remember to

and to email me you can click the link, and that script protects my mail from bots, and if you want some words of wisdom then click the button that is going to be after this

Good, my pointless microphone works, but my pointless site is still not up in the rankings on the pointful google site ranking point system thingy, and I would point out to you that I just want to point out that I spell check this pointless thing in Word, so that most of the words aren�t pointlessly spelt wrong, and this pointless website, when placed and saved in Word is a pointless size of about 42 kb (and when I added this pointless bit, this whole thing on Word would be about five pointless pages of pointless stuff and it is pointlessly long and pointless, but I don�t care if its pointless or not) (just a pointless update, now its 43 kb worth of pointless just for you pointless viewers, when I say pointless, I mean that in a very good way, I think anyway that is not the pointless size that it takes up on the disk, that is 44.0 kb, which why there is a difference is I do know, know what I am pointing out to you), or kilobytes for those who are pointlessly lost with computers and pointless computer terms, wonder if I could pointlessly add lots of pointless words and pointless phrases so I could increase the size of this thing, but I wonder if that would classify as having some point to a pointless thing, I am not going to point out to you that I don�t like the pointful cuz (cuz is not in the spell checker, but I wonder why this is to be, I mean some people must use cuz sometimes to be pointless) this thing is made by me, and its pointless and has a lack of a point to boot, so yay no point is good for being pointless, and just to point out, this is on the second page in word, if you read this in word anyway, and then the fact that I am going to work on this in notepad and all that pointless stuff, which I have a lot of pointless sites, and I also will use Front Page

*points at you pointlessly for no point what so ever, just to point at something that needs to be pointed at right at this very point in time and point in space, which we are not in space I would point out, but you would be dead from the points ahead, so I am not going to say the word point in this pointless action, no sir, no points here, just a bunch of pointless stuff, yay pointless stuff, the truly pointless are saying about right now, and the other people are booing because there is no point to this, and on this site I want to point use all the words in the world and in a dictionary, and if you are antipointless and propoint then you can just use that plain old mouse pointer by moving the mouse to exit this site, go ahead and exit if you want to exit, be my guest, even though you was my guest before but you know what I mean, but anyway, go on and exit if your antipointless heart desires to leave here and to shoot my dreams of pointlessness down, but if you are the ones who care about other peoples feelings, then stay and try to read the pointlessthis site provides, so I guess this little place has a point after all, even if it is just a very little microscopic point at that, so I wonder how far I have gone so far with what I said earlier, can any little boys or girls that are reading this could tell me how many different words I have used and help me to reach my dreams, it beats being in a place more pointless than this, what I am trying to tell you is that did you know that there is more sites out there that are good than this area that imprisons us and poisons us though the food that is served, yes, the place parents send their children to, I am talking about school, which is useless to the ninety-ninth degree, yes I know that is kind of high, but it doesn't bother me at all

Hello viewers that may be pointful or who lead pointful lives or may just have some kind of point that I may point out, unlike this that does not have a point to it what so ever other than to annoy the people who does not like to do pointless things or read pointless websites (which if you do not like reading pointless things then leave this pointless place because you will never find a point in this place, other than the word point) It is I, Ace or the pointless guy with that one pointless website with a lot of points in it as you will probably be calling me after you read this pointless thing , and I would like to point out this pointless thing so I can just point out something that I think needs to be pointed out to you, the pointless reader, and so I can just point something out I would pointlessly like to point out something that I just have to point out something that needed someone to point something out, this pointless thing is a original pointless thing made by a pointless guy being bored in a pointless place called pointlessly pointless I mean School, which by the way is pointlessly pointless, just to point it out to you and your pointless life, but Here we go with the pointless thing that will be pointlessly long and stuff, so anyway on to the pointless conversation which started with something pointless like this, one day someone had pointed out a object that was pointless but needed to be pointed out so I responded by saying after I had pointed at the pointed out point "Thanks for pointing out the thing that had to be pointed out by the one thing or the pointless person who always point out the thing that had to be pointed out by the pointdexter and hey, has the thing that was pointed out got a point or is it obviously pointless and does the pointer have a name other than the pointer I mean whose parents would name their pointless son/daughter the pointer, wow I just pointed something out that the pointer never got to point the thing that was pointlessly pointed out by someone who was not the pointer, so will all that followed the pointless rule of the pointer come on to me and call my pointless existence a act of the all mighty pointer in the sky that points stuff out to pointless followers of the pointer, got that pointless person that you are," Then the person who pointed it out said "Is the phrase Ni pointless because when I was pointlessly walking down the pointless sidewalk some people were talking about the pointless word Ni," I responded his pointing that out with "Ni is so pointless that the pointless point that was pointlessly pointed out by the old pointless the pointer who points out the pointlessly pointed or points just like this pointless stuff about points and pointless, and now I will talk about the finer points of doing a pointless website that was pointed out by the title of this pointless web page which by the way was pointed out by the pointer of the obviously pointless pointing of the pointless points, isn�t that all informal and painful thing that I the new pointer said when I beat the old pointer at his own pointing games of pointing and then he pointlessly pointed around when I pointed against him because I the new pointer had dared to point out something that he didn�t first point out" the guy then asked a good pointless question, "But all mighty pointer why would you want to out point the king of the points," I then gave my pointless answer "let me point something out to you slowly so your brain can handle the point, He, like you, do not have a painful life which, may I point out, that means you have a pointless life, and you have always lived a pointlessly pointless life in your little pointless room, in the pointless house that your pointless parents pointed out and said that�s the house we want to live our pointless lives there in that pointless house, in your pointless street, in your pointlessly pointless town in your pointlessly state where the lawmakers are making pointless laws and points," he responded "does this have a point," I then pointed out to him "like I pointed the point out to you, your life is pointless just like this pointless conversation about points and pointless, so tell me non-pointer, can I, the all mighty called the mighty pointer, point you to your pointlessly life or is your life is so very pointless that if anymore points was pointed out, would you then shrivel up and point stuff out to the more pointless than you," he then asked a new pointless question "Does this have a point," I then pointed out and said "this will never have a point so stop pointing at things just to point out the pointless the people whose life may have a point or they just might gain experience in pointless actions," he then said "Well, here is a question for you, why are you doing this, are you just trying to get this pointless page on the not so pointless web search engines by putting pointless everywhere," I responded "This is for the people that are bored and that doesn�t want to do pointless things off the computer, and why was his name the pointer why couldn�t his name be pointless hobo pointlessbob, wonder who named pointlessbob the name of the pointlessly pointless name of pointlessbob, I mean wouldn�t it be better to say pointless bob unlike having no painful space in between pointless and bob, that�s kind of pointless don't ya know, here are some good points, like never put the pointy end of a fork in a electrical socket or you might kill your pointless brain cells, pointless things is fun," he then pointed out, "why do pointless people point out things that are pointless at times when something that�s not pointless would be pointfull," I then pointed out, "the all mighty pointer decides that remember pointless dude," now I could tell he was getting mad for a pointless reason so I said "you have gained a experience point," pointless dude then said, " Heh, no point in me trying to make a point about that, since you already pointed out that that point about the point is the greatest point to be pointed out" I then responded with another point which went something like pointless I mean this, "Err, could you please point that somewhere else, Then you'll gain another 1 EXP. Points," and then the pointless dude said to me "Good point, glad you pointed it out, because if you hadn't have pointed that previous point out, the point that you wouldn't have pointed out, well, wouldn't have been pointed out, I guess Uhmm, hey How did you spell "Albuhcorky" or whatever again, anyway," I answered his pointless question "Albuquerque and do you know who wrote it and no it wasn�t a pointless dude," he responded "Weird Al, and yes he is pointless " I then was getting pointlessly mad at the pointless dude, "he was not pointless, his music has a point and that point is to make pointless humor and make fun of otherwise pointlessly gay songs made by gay pointlessly gay bands," he responded then with "THE SIDESTREET BOYZ HAD A POINT," I had enough of his pointless mouth and his pointless words, so I had drew my pointless sword for no pointless reason what so ever and then "he got the point" if you get my point, I don�t really think that you get my point, but normally I don�t see why people can not seem to get my point, but I just pointlessly give up this pointless quest that was pointlessly pointless just like school, which is also pointlessly pointless and you know what, this is very useless, like I had said before and if you really didn�t get my little point that I pointed out so I could just point then you need to go back to pointless and then learn some pointless stuff note I am not responsible for lost or stolen points, which there is no periods in this pointless thing, but lots of dots on the things that need dots, like the I in is, the I in I, the I in pointless, the I in pointfull, and all the other pointless words, the period can also be called a dot, so instead of doing something painful or reading something more painful than this, you are reading a pointless thing which has no point other than to be the website with the most uses of the word point I am so pointlessly hopeless, some of the points that I pointed out should of been pointed out by the pointer, but I beat the pointer at his own point, I am so pointless that even the people who says video games have no point have a point while I don�t have a point, but the Chaos Phase also has a point, I really don't think that there is a point trying to get this site on Google cuz it will probably think that I am spamming the site with words like pointless, but I am really trying to see if I could get high up there with a very long sentence, I mean there has been no periods so far, so it is one long run on sentence, but I do not really care how many pointless things I have to think about things that are pointless or pointful or whatever, I mean I even state in the title that this is pointless, I mean by using meta tags in this a web site states "Please note that this tag will NOT guarantee any rankings in search engines, The secret to good rankings is using a good web design company" but that is a pointless information because it has no point because I can not understand the point in it, but I wish someone could explain it so I can get the point for once, which I would like to point out that unlike other people, I don�t like to have things pointed out that has a point, instead, I look for the pointless and non-pointly, because pointless things are pointlessly fun, There are a lot of pointless sites out there, and some of those pointless sites have some form of pointless in them, or some of them who have some sort of point never have point in their name, glad I pointed that out to the all two of you viewing this site that have no point as how pointless this pointless site is, and I will point out to you that I have already pointed out on many times that I had time to point out something that this site is pointless, wonder how many points, pointless, pointlessly, pointer, and such that have been used so far, and that the pointer probably is tired of pointing points out to those that have to have things pointed out to them, because they may not get the point, but if they stepped into a pit of spikes hopefully they would get that point, I mean if you don�t get the point easy I think at least you would get this point because it would be painful and pointful as well, did you know that you get points to put into stats and points for skills in some role pointless... I mean role playing games like Diablo, Diablo 2, and the expansion pack Lord of the pointless, wait wasn't that Lord of Destruction, I needed to point that out to you too, or in some RPG's (role playing games, not role point games or even roll pointless gnomes) you only get points for stats, or sometimes the points are automatically added in to your stat points and such, I could go on and on about pointless stuff, which I will because it is pointless but Halo and Halo 2 is not pointless, its more like pointfull or pointfully, but not pointless or pointlessly, so get off the topic of calling Halo and Halo 2 pointless, but a game where there is a point system is Super Mario Brothers and Sonic, why have points if there isn�t anything to get by trading in the points you have earned, so I see no point in earning points, unless to enter a high point contest, it should be score but I want point, and the letter I is probably the most used letter, other than the letters in point and pointless, which is a lot of letters if you wanna take time out of your now pointless life to see this point I pointed out, and then one of my friends said that he wanted to have a pointless chat on MSN, which I pointlessly accepted and will pointlessly add later when I am at home doing something pointless and not at school, where there is no msn so I can paste the conversation, like work on this pointless thing, but now I would like to say that I am sad because my site is still not up on google�s top page, so now I am more determined to get this site up there, CAD is pointless because the teacher wont help a pointless student like me, which makes me pointfully mad but not pointlessly mad like some pointless people get, I want a copy of the pointless drawing but the pointless teacher wont pay attention and give me the pointless copy of that exact pointless drawing, at least with the old pointless teacher he would help us who didn�t get the point, or the ones who needed a pointless copy of a pointless drawing, and yes, I am pointlessly repeating myself to have more pointless points to point out to the pointless points, I feel very evil, very pointlessly evil, so pointless it makes pointful evil look good, I am so evil in fact I created this pointless thing, along with a more annoying site than the most annoying site on the internet now, but it hasn�t been viewed because geocities wont point web searches to my pointless site, that also makes me feel pointlessly mad, so mad that I want to stab someone who is pointless with a pointless pencil that would have a point but the point has been pointlessly broke of, which would hurt because you would have to apply more pointless pressure because the fact that there is no point, unlike a pointful pencil that has a point at the end of a pointless length of wood, and a very pointless thing in pointless math is very pointless, or in my pointless view it is pointless, but some other people may pointlessly disagree with me, which they can do whatever pointless thing they want to pointlessly do or to pointlessly think whatever their little pointless brains can pointlessly think up, wow I have a lot of pointless up in this joint, so there is something else I pointed out to you, the pointless viewer, and that pointless point is that this is a long pointless thing, and it is just going to get longer when I get the pointless conversation that me and a friend pointlessly pointless all around the pointless place, after I may start on my pointless work in some pointless place, after I get done pointless walk down the hall without a point and to talk about pointless stuff right before a class that may or may not have a point or maybe a pointless one, depending on who the pointless teacher it is, and anyway I hate school with a point, and want school to get a point so it can go to point heck, and then become pointlessly and hopelessly trapped in a Zodiac stone then to get mention in the bible, and I wonder if Blake has a point to doing what he is doing, and games do have a point, which are the only points that I like to get, while I like to be pointlessly lost in some pointless place or pointless time, hey I wonder if there is a point in time travel because paradoxes can be created and paradoxes that have a point are bad, another point I like is the point on a sword, because its sharp and pointy, and I like sharp and pointy stuff, some people say I spend to much time on pointy objects and pointless things, but I tell them that most of my actions have some kind of point, and this is defiantly does not have any good point what so ever, so point that pointer at someone else and not the pointless one or me the pointless one, so ha, now I will watch a pointless movie for a moment then come back and add more pointless stuff, which pointless stuff is good, I wonder how long it would take me to get this up to a meg, or megabyte of download or when the page shows up, if it is a megabyte then the people on the pointless dial up would have to pointlessly wait for this pointless site to show up, so they can waste those little pointless IQ points reading this IQ point lowering pointless site and the same thing happens with your pointless IQ points when you watch the pointless Retarded Animal Babies, the pointless IQ points lower, which that is pointlessly evil, which now I am more than six pages in length and content, but I don�t really care how many pointless pages I use, I will be on the top of google, just you pointlessly wait for that, or don�t make me point out things that do not need to be pointed out, or that already been pointed out, this site is not as pointless as http://www.something.com, but still pointless in size, pointless in the pointless length and most of all pointless points, pointless links, I love pointless sites and that is one more of the reasons that this site is here, to be something that I love and pointless at the same time, I am jumping up and down pointlessly and randomly for no reason what so ever, wonder how many unique words I have used here, which it probably not going to out weight the pointlessness that radiates off this pointless thing, �watch out, It�s a pointless site, run away,� some of you may say about the pointless site, and well I don�t blame you, because there is no point to this, school, or anything else, I wonder how many pages of text I would have to use to get to until I get to a megabyte in size of pointlessness, I love pointlessness, and private did I give you pointless to point, That�s what I thought, now go the point away before I stab you with a baka neo guy or some sort of spoony object, because spoony objects are good, I love the pointless spoons, spoons are good, spoons are our friend, not pointless there is about three thousand six hundred sixty six words (yay I just typed in 666 in word form, just to point out, and now Blake is pointlessly rolling around in the pointless chair in the pointless room) If you say gnomes are pointless, then I would have to make you have to endure lots of gnomish stuff and even more pointless stuff, I love pointless stuff, I forgot did I point that out to you pointless people already, or do I have to point it out again, you know I will point it out, I�ll point it out to, I�ll do it I am a pointer on the pointer edge and I have a pointless pointer and I am not afraid to point it at you pointful people, and this very pointless thing is now about 45 kb and about 48 kb on the hard drive itself, and there isn�t too much special font changes, which font changes are pointless, just to point that out as well and I curse you to a pointful existence in a place that has a point, which I don�t know what place that would be so I can not point it out to you, so if you are mad that I cant point out the point place then you can kiss my pointless butt and then randomly run off a cliff while chanting the halo theme because even I don�t know a place with some point to it, or if there is a place that does in fact exist, then you can point it out to me, the mighty pointer of doom, I mean just me Ace, the pointer person with the pointless site that is shouting wort wort wort pointlessly while other people are doing things that are not pointless, which of course is something that is to be expected from the pointless pointer who points out the pointless stuff that doesn�t need to be pointed out but he thinks that they do need to be pointed out by someone who points out things that do not have no point or that could be called pointless, just like this pointless thing that is now seven pages in a word document but is huge in a web site page, which is kind of pointless and all that stuff, wow seven pointless pages since this pointless thing began and one page since I said that I would post the pointless conversation with a not so pointless friend, no wait that is two pointless pages since then, I point out my mistake, and I would like to also point out that pointful and pointfully is not in the words spelling check list thingy, but I don�t know what it is called, so can someone point that out to the one who likes to randomly point things out, even if the things that he thinks needed to be pointed out was not to be pointed out, like you have eyes, that�s a pointless point to point out because most people should know the point that he pointed out that someone has eyes, or that he is a pointless pointer, but that isn�t really pointless that he pointed out that he is a pointless pointer, but he doesn�t want to talk about that point because that would be one of his only non pointless points that he has pointed out in his pointless life, which his pointless life has caused him to ramble on about pointless things on this pointless page on the pointless internet where it can be lost in the filthy filthy porn, which he thinks that porn is not pointless, but its filthy of course but never pointless, and another site that isn�t pointless is Red vs Blue, I mean it is never pointless, but yet some people think that it is useless, and the fact that tripod puts some pointless AD codes in the html but there are no pointless ADs that pointlessly pop up at you pointless ads and they try to sell you something that is pointless and that point people does not need, and there is lots and lots and lots and lots of pointless stuff, just to point out but this is the definition of pointless, which is Having no point; blunt; wanting keenness; obtuse; as, a pointless sword; a pointless remark, it came straight from a definition site, and I have bolded pointless words by using pointless bold tags, and this one time a guy pointed out to me something then he unpointed it, how do you unpoint, and why does it give me words like gunpoint, unpin, unpins, endpoint, anoint for unpoint and unpainted and unprinted for unpointed, I know unpoint and unpointed is a word and also so is propoint, but it wants me to use words like propound, proposing, propionate, proponent, proponing, preprint, propping, proponed, propone, propounds, stupid (or baka, which is the Japanese (which if you don't use a capitol J then it counts Japanese and Japan wrong) which Microsoft does not have baka in the spell check thingy) pointlessgrammar check in pointless Microsoft (which if you type in microsoft, it marks it wrong and wants you to change it to Microsoft) word and front page, also for spelling search wrong you get the real word search and then perch and if you spell check wrong you get a whole bunch of words like check of course, then you also get chichi (which is the Japanese word for breast I think), chinch, chic, church, chick, choc, cr�che (if you don't use a E with one of those little marks, then it wants you to change it to where it has one or use the plural form of it cr�ches), Czech, and finally we have cheek, if you would of added a S to them to make them plural then it would probably (spell this word wrong to get problem and proclaim) add s'es to them, which it is kind of pointless for me to point that out to you, but remember I have said something about me wanting to use all the words out there in here, so yeah, its not so pointless as you would first thunk, I mean think, since thunk anit the right spelling for think, and it doesn't like anit for some reason, it wants to change the word to ant, unit, antic, anis, alit, antis, wonder why I havent added more stuff to this, but you know, some people may run out of objects to point out to the pointless people, the remedy for people who are antipointless is to force them here, so this is the cure to antipointless if you want that cure for antipointless, wow, I like movies, and I like fruit like cherry, banana, kiwi, apple, watermelon, cookies, wait cookies are not a fruit, its a dessert, which is my favorite meal, I like food, food is good, food is needed to live or that is a rumor that I have heard before this, I like turkey during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and ham is another thing that people eat during the holidays, I like kitties, kitties are good, kitties are kawaii (which is cute in Japan), but I also like dogs which I have dogs and kitties at home, or cats or neko or nekos or whatever you wanna call the animals or pets I have in my little pointless home, and don't you point point point that thing at me (its a wonder why it didn't complain about repeated words like it point does normally, which I think that is pointless), I am not wearing socks, or pants, or shirt, or any clothing what so ever, that means I am either nude or naked, which I don't care if I am that, I just don't like pants, this thing is slowly growing, very very slowly I might add to this and then have to point it out to you, I wonder if I could get the loading time of this pointless thing that it will grow until (or until) it gets to be a minute at 28.8 kbs (or dial up people, and to point out how long right now it takes, it would take about twenty three seconds does that sound good or bad to you, I can't point it out which one it would be, so could you point that out to me, one of the only things that this mighty pointer would like to have a point pointed out to the mighty pointer, it was twenty-two seconds, but at the very beginning it was only zero seconds, to point out why that is, I would use a pointer and point out that this pointless thing was just pointlessly blank), I would then feel so very evil and all that good stuff, tri means three, like triangle, tricycle, tripointless (not a word, just made it up), tripointlesscracy (it means a government run by three pointless people, which is a word that I have made up on my free time), and when I am typing this line in my class that is of government a person threw a paper airplane at me, but missed, and someone else just hit him, which is a good thing because he is annoying, unlike this, which is very point long and pointless, By now you should be able to tell that I do in fact love all that is pointless, Some people think reading is pointless but I love to read, and the fact that I read means that I know more words then some people, I should now like to point out some Japanese words and what they mean in our language, are you ready, then here we go, wait before I go on with that I want to point out that I do not know much Japanese but I am learning and that I like manga which is a Japanese comic, here is a phrase in Japanese or Subete no ningen wa, umare nagara ni shite jiyū de ari, katsu, songen to kenri to ni tsuite byōdō de aru. Ningen wa, risei to ryōshin o sazukerareteari, tagai ni dōhō no seishin o motte kōdō shinakereba naranai, which translates into All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood (which is in the Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) (found at http://www.omniglot.com/writing/japanese.htm), well now on with the pointless translation list thing, or I would at school but the blocker program has blocked the site that I would go to for some of the words, so I can only tell you ones I know, like neko is cat, kawaii is cute, tenchi is angel, nuku is cat nap, and mizu is water, I will post more as I find more words and such plus sites that the baby school won't block because they want to be big babies and all that just to take away fun and nonboredom, but I am going to go to a different topic so I can pointlessly type so you can pointlessly read, which seems good and all, I am not bored of this because I hate being bored even in hell and school, I am unbored or antibored, which is good to be both of those words, I hate school and I hate exams, quizzes, and tests, but I do love to drink soda and stuff like that, I love soda and I just got a soda for doing nothing pointful, which I was really doing just something pointless which is good and all, I love playing games, and every time I say point I earn a point and every time I use the words pointless I get two points, and when I use some thing like unpoint I gain a point total of three points, Did you know that, I bet you that you did not know that I earn points for every time I said point, I mean if I would have a penny for ever time I said point, two pennies for every time I say pointless, and three pennies for every other word with point in it and using prefixes and suffixes, I would be a very rich and unbored pointer that points out points and other things than points, and you know pencils without points are not good to teachers who have to write homework for us, of course they could use the Whiteboards but why do something with a point, but some teachers in their rooms have only a chalk board to write on and then the chalk dust goes every where and everyone starts coughing when they inhale the dust and other stuff that is floating in the air and on the ground, I would turn in a blank homework but my parents would get mad and then yell at me, I need a beer and a soda, Go for the beer Boo go for the beer I would shout at Boo, Largo's friend from MegaTokyo, and then I would sip the beer, I would then wish I could find a magic beer plus one or any more than a plus one, but I would not want a magic beer minus one, soda plus one would be good as well, but those are hard to find, if you x-ray my head you would see that I have loose marbles, missing buttons, and other pointless stuff up there but no brain, which is pointless because I never ever have used my brain and the fact that the wizard still has not got back to me about that brain he has from me, and when they was handing out brains I thought they said trains and said I didn't want trains, no that would be replaced by a for rent sign call gnome for details, did you know gnomes are good, hey I wonder what gnome tastes like, does anyone have a spare garden gnome that is free for the eating, so I can point out later that I ate a gnome and it tasted good and that you should of been there to eat some gnome that was tasty, but yet you would say that you already eaten or ate or how ever you want to say that, now if you excuse me I think I may bold points, while I draw a summoning circle from the blood of a demon witch, having the hair of a purple monkey, the grindings of a gnome, a can of soda, ash from a phoenix, and I would ally with a neko witch, the god of all zombies, the god of all zombies minions, the god of all zombies girl friend, a neko chibi (means child in Japanese by the way if you wanted to know), a person made of antimatter, and a psychopathic chibi neko with long sharp claws to rip apart anything that stands in her way,; then the purple monkeys and the green carrots shall rise again to kill all those who think they do not exist, wow, if you are going to have class wouldn't it be better to have a quiet teacher and class instead of what is next door, which the wall is some sort of divider I think and that the teacher I have right now had a room change and now her room is too small unlike last year where it was huge and stuff, I tried to get a scrolling text to appear in the bottom status bar but it does not work, and I don't know why but it is making me mad, have you ever been mad at something like that and yet it will not let you fix it, nore will it help you to fix it, and then you want to hit something so bad it hurts you not to hit something, which is pointless, and now I have some pointless and some pointful java scripts on this place, hopefully it will work, unlike some of the other scripts I have no work, and also I would point out and note there are about 3,090,000 (which is odd at google at one point it was reading about 3,100,000 pages when you searched for the word pointless for searching for pointless, and what is a stack overflow that keeps popping up on my computer, this computer in CAD that I should be doing my work but instead I am working on this pointless site, just for you guys, I wonder if it has something to do with one of the scripts that I have on this site, and you know what, I haven't mention the size of this lately, which the size is about 65 kilobytes, odd isn't it, or do you really care about this site, and I hope I just got that overflow thing fixed, and at yahoo when you search for pointless you get about an average of 3,310,000 pages, and then when you just search for point at google you get about 237,000,000 pages and when you do the same at yahoo you would get about 157,000,000 pages, that is very odd that the two most leading search engines would have different results for pointless and point, I smell something weird and it is not the poop at the bottom of my ghettoness shoes, so do not blame it on that, because that is what it isn't, now get the point before I have to make you get the point,and another point I would like to point out to you that if you capitalize the p in point (so it would be Point) you get 158,000,000 at yahoo and for google you would get 237,000,000 (odd, that is what it said for just point, I really do smell something now), and now I think I see why that google only read 3,090,000 pages for was because I was using the lowercase p at the beginning of the word pointless it read but not pointless; which I never really understand these pointless search engines anyway, now that it makes even less sense, I do not want to study the pointless searches other than to improve this sites rank in said search engines, and at www.ask.com it has even less pages for pointless, and even fewer pages for pointless on www.iwon.com (don't go to this site, it puts a lot of spyware on your computer, just to give you a pointful heads up) like 663,000 pages, which is not very many for the term pointless, and I know that I should apologize for this pointless thing, but then it would be kind of pointless because I pointed out to you before that this would be pointless and all that pointless stuff, and so I started talking to Link, who is a pointless person in my veiw, or not a pointless guy but he doesnt have a point, neither does he not not have a point, but he said "I am a pointless person in this pointless life with a pointless spoon on my not so pointless computer typing pointless things to pointlessley put on a pointless website to pointlessley do something or another, And while pointlessley typing this for your pointless entertainment I am pointlessley waiting for pointless people to get on a not pointless Instant message program, whatever the point in this is is probably very small if there is a point, which is probably a pointless point anyways, so I am going to pointlessley continue pointlessley typing while trying to figure out what the pointless point actually is, so for all you pointful people out there pointlessley reading, tell me what the point is to thise whole pointless thing" and I was said "cool dude" and he was like "hold on I got something else to do" and I waited pointlessly for him to respond, but I got pointlessly bored so I left and walked to Points R We and went to the pointless section and bought me some pointless eggs, then I went to the counter and then centered myself between the bold area and underlined area, and then it hit me this thing is 69 kilobytes (bowchicawowow) in size and yet if I was paid for each pointless I have used in this pointless thing then I would be rich and then I could lead a pointful or pointless life and then party right before its time for me to pointlessly die, which will be in a few million years so to speak, I really wonder how many unique words I have used since I first started this thing, and I should talk to my pointless friend Link to see if he will add his pointless two cents into this long long sentence which will not have an end if it had no end then I guess it would go on forever and ever and ever and ever all pointlessly pointless like that I am pointless I know I know but I do not care, do you have it all down so far
lets contiune on then because I am really wanting to contiune on with this thing, as you can see I do not use colorful language, I keep it clean here because even though this site is not user friendly I try to keep it kid friendly, or is it child friendly, I don't really know too much about being friendly sometimes because I am pointlessly not social or it is considered anti-social I don't really know and don't really care I love this site but I dont think you do and well the later text do not have alot of pointless points in the pointless site deicated to pointlessness which is not having a point like previously stated way up there where there is more pointless than this point right here which is a very good point, I must get this thing HIGHER THAN LIFE and then mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew, oh sorry, I got A.D.D and a bad case of shiny pointlessness which I love it so more than I like pokadotted bows on a dragons hair which that made no sense but at least it makes something look like a good thing, this is long and will get even longer when I say the internet is for porn and it is also for nonsense like this site and many others where you can find links down below, and hell, you could probaly find randomness as well, hey I got an idea, and you will see it later, I will link to it up top if you havent seen it already, Space, the final pointless errr sorry I went off and spaced out on you and such, this page hasnt been updated a long time from well whenever the last time I updated was, so please do not hurt me and tell me this, are you done reading a long and pointless thing like this pointles thing here, or are you ready to ding your dong and eat a cupcake or maybe even a muffin, rememeber this site is not low fat and probably not good for your health, and probably is not probally but probably is that not neat and all that good happy popcorn crap, yes I know I am very random but I do not care, did you know that I do not care about my readers, all one and a half of you, I wonder how many words this would be, I should find out and tell you, shouldn't I, but I do not feel like doing that right now, oh and when you eat any chips I give you, they taste pointless, everything just tastes pointless now, as if you just sit there and taste things at random, you should be ashamed of yourself for something as sick as that, ewwww, go away, I do not want your pointless tasting here, I mean it.


Note I am not responsible for where these links go, I only search, and sometimes check it out, and don't yell at me because I have pointed it out to you so there point person

Very pointless and annoying site
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Its pointless to click here, because this page doesn't exist, I would like to point out that it is a broken link, not a pointless page that does not exist
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apperently it is a band

Lookie, a counter, which is to tell me how many pointless people have viewed this pointless place, so that counter has a point, which I will point that out to you, just so it is pointed out
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